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Paula Whitelocke - Curly Hair Designs

Paula Whitelocke

Master stylist

Starting off her career as a braid stylist, Paula began at the young age of 13 years old by doing hair for friends and family. She has since then indulged in many different avenues within the Beauty Industry. From Lead Hairstylist at the Safara Fashion Show to Educating the Apprentice Hairstylists at Algonquin College. She now sits as Co-Chair on the Advisory Committee to influence the quality of education for the future generations of stylists. Continued education is second nature as Paula attends a minimum of one hair show a year frequenting shows such as the Bronner Bros. Hair Convention in Atlanta, the International Beauty Show in New York, the Extensions Expo in New Jersey and the ABA in Toronto. As a Joico/Iso colour educator, advanced trainings are attended throughout the year. After 5 years of business, it is a pleasure to have a Team that is committed to the quest to share Joy through the Hairstyling Experience. We do this for the Curls of the World!

Sarah Mbabazi - Curly Hair Designs

Sarah Mbabazi

Intermediate Stylist

My name is Sarah! I have been with curly hair designs for the past 2 years growing my skills and getting lots of experience! I have had this passion for hair for as long as I can remember. My grandfather had a farm and I used to visit him when I was about 4 to braid the goat's hair! I took a bit of a detour before landing back to hair. I had a really bad experience with my own hair at another salon when I was 11 so I started doing my own hair. That experience really brought me back to my passion. Because of that experience, I am very empathetic to every single client that sits in my chair. I want them to have the type of experience I wish I had had when I was 11. I listen and hear every concern! I love this industry because it is always changing! You have to keep up with all the new trends and techniques and you have to constantly and consistently keep educating yourself! That's part of why I love working at Curly Hair Designs, Paula really invests in me through constant education! There are so many different avenues to choose from in this industry and I can't wait to explore them all as I move forward!

Myrlene Francois - Curly Hair Designs

Myrlene Francois

Intermediate Stylist

My name is Myrlene Francois but my clients call me Milly for short. I started in this industry since back home, Haiti, doing hair for family members and friends. I continued in in the States, Miami, for clients. I decided to learn the science of it so I went to school for hair design. It's been my passion ever since. I enjoy putting a smile on the face of my clients after a well done hair do. I am very open and will continue with education to further my knowledge in this industry. I love doing hair.

Carlene McDonald - Curly Hair Designs

Carlene McDonald

Junior Stylist

Hi my name is Carlene McDonald and I am Junior stylist working at Curly Hair Designs. Growing up, I always had a passion for hair and how the end result always makes people feel good about themselves. For many years I worked out of my home doing friends and families hair, whether it's braids, weaves, cornrows,etc., while yearning to learn more. I even found myself going into salons back home to watch the stylist work and learn all the new trends. Two years ago, I decided to take my passion to another level and make a career change. I enrolled in the Algonquin College 2 year Hairstyling program and soon after started working at another salon. I then met Paula and started working with her and my dream became reality. She ensures that we stay up to date with all the new techniques, and learn to understand the science of the hair while teaching our clients how to take care of their hair especially after they leave the salon. I can't wait to grow with the Curly hair team.

Victoria Jean-Louis - Curly Hair Designs

Victoria Jean-Louis

Junior Stylist

I have always been passionate about hair since I was a young girl. As a child it was difficult for me to embrace my natural hair. I went through a faze of straightening my hair to the point where it became really weak and damaged. I remember my dad telling me "keep straightening your hair & you'll have none left". At first I didn't take him seriously, but what he said was always in the back of my head. Shortly after that I decided to cut down on the heat and do "the big chop". I went into a salon & cut off all my weak damaged hair and started to embrace the curly life. I went to every beauty supply store I came across and tried countless products from oils, gels , creams , mouse, shampoos, conditioners , masks, YOU NAMMMEE IT! One day I finally found a regiment that worked for me and my hair. Currently I love to play around with different looks & styles that don't cost me the health of my hair, yet still look fly. Here with the Curly Hair Designs Team, I am able to refer to my personal experiences to help educate others on healthy hair growth & proper maintenance of your crown.

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Able to execute cutting, styling, colouring, balayage/ombre techniques & up styles
Able to attend international hair shows

Although our niche is curly hair, we service all ranges of textures.

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