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CHD Policies

Teaching Salon

At Curly Hair Designs, we are heavily motivated by knowing that we can teach you and others how to do what we do. We offer our space to other Stylists who are wanting to learn more about Curls, Kinks, Coils & Waves. Your appointment may be used as an opportunity to educate others.

We also love taking your before and after shots to show the transformations that happen here. If you prefer not to be photographed, no problem. Just let us know.  

New Clients

A $50 non-refundable deposit is required for first-time clients to confirm your booking. This deposit can be held in your account and used towards any future bookings.



Please arrive with hair that is no more than 7 days from your last wash day. Your hair must be properly detangled. If you are having trouble with detangling, please let us know in advance, so that we can allot more time for the service.

If you would like to come in, but for whatever reasons are not able to wash your hair prior to your visit, just let us know via email. We invite you to come in at any stage of your journey. We are here to help and you will not be turned away.  

Colour Clients: We recommend that you do not wash your hair for at least 3-5 days prior to your service to ensure your scalp does not experience undeeded irritation. Please do not scrub your scalp too aggressively before any colour service to ensure maximum comfort.

Price Additions: We schedule a minimum of 5 hours for any colour correction/highlight experience. If the service passes this time frame, we must adjust the cost accordingly by any addition time/product used. There will be an addition of $60-$100 per additional hour for this service as it can lead into 7 or more hours to complete.

Dry Cut Clients: This service is for returning clients who understand how to define their curls in a similar way to how we would do so in the salon. 

Your hair must be no more than 3 days from your last wash, fully detangled and completely dry to receive this service. Your curls should not be stretched out by any elastics or headbands.

If your hair is not prepared for this service, your Stylist reserves the right to adjust the service cost to accommodate the extra time needed to complete this service. 

Child Services 

We are more than happy to be able to have your little ones in our chairs. We do not base our services off of age, rather the time spent on service. When booking for your child, you can schedule them in for a Curl Cut Experience - Returning Clients & Children Only to ensure there is more than enough time to work with their Crown . If your Stylist spends less than the allotted time, they will surely adjust the cost. 



Curly Hair Designs reserve the right to adjust the fees of your service based on the length of time that has been required to complete the service. 


An additional fee starting at $40 per hour may be required if your service extends beyond the allotted time frame.




After making your reservation, you will receive an email confirmation. Please record this date and time in your calendar. 

 7 days prior to your scheduled appointment, you will receive an email/sms asking you to confirm. To confirm, click/text “Confirm.”

To adjust your appointment, click on "manage my reservation" in your confirmation email to cancel or move your reservation. 

If you do not confirm 3 days prior to , your appointment will be automatically canceled and you will have an addition fee of $50 added onto your next visit. We will always consider each circumstance and also ask for your assistance in freeing up space for another client by letting us know as far ahead as possible.




Login to our Booking Portal to cancel or reschedule your reservation. Contact us at for any changes to your appointment that you are unable to make on your own.


If you do not cancel your appointment 72-48 hours prior to, or if you fail to notify us by email, your appointment will be automatically canceled and your deposit will be non-refundable.


​If you reschedule/cancel within or more than 72-48 hours in advance, your deposit will happily be transferred to your next visit.


Late Arrival


We offer a 10 minute grace period. If you are going to be more than 10 minutes late, please let us know via email. This policy keeps the day running smoothly and ensures everyone is respectful of the time of other clients and staff.


If we are running behind, we do our best to let you know in advance or upon arrival. If our tardiness conflicts with your schedule, we will reschedule your appointment free of charge.


No Shows


If you do not show up for your appointment without letting us know, you will be charged the full cost of the service prior to being able to schedule another appointment.

Private Accommodations - Hijab Friendly

If you are in need of a private space to have your hair done, we can surely provide. Please add in the notes section when booking that you are in need of no males in the Salon at the time of your appointment and we will ensure a private environment for you to receive your service.


Other Terms and Conditions


Our services are not age or gender based. We must assess each head of hair individually prior to any possible adjustments.


Covid-19 Policies


Curly Hair Designs and it’s staff are required to comply with all OPH regulations including proper sterilization and sanitation of all stations and hair tools. If you or your child are experiencing any cold symptoms, we ask that you kindly reschedule your service. 

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