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Paula Whitelocke

Owner - Educator - Curl Specialist


Paula's passion for hair started the first time she saw her Moms’ hair being done by a Family friend, and by age 13, she had turned that passion into a business. She hasn't looked back since. 


In 2010 Paula opened her own hair salon: Hair Designs by Paula. She worked with all hair types and grew her skills both as a hair stylist and entrepreneur.


In 2014, Paula zeroed in on her specialty working with a hair type underserved in the industry, and created Curly Hair Designs.


Paula dedicated herself to providing a diverse clientele with a comfortable, supportive space to explore and celebrate their endless variety of curls, waves, kinks, and coils. 


After being named Canada's Best Natural Hair Stylist, in 2015 and being written about in several industry Publications, Paula collaborated with talented artists from Joico to Team ME for New York Fashion week, and further honed her skills. 


Today, through Curly Hair Designs and Curls Understood Academy, Paula has also become an Educator and Leader in the hair industry.


Paula delivers courses and workshops on hair care from cutting to styling and all in between. She also serves her local community, through workshops held for youth and parents of kids with curls. 


Platforms such as Curls Understood the Academy encourage expression and exploration of self-love and community elevation. 

“It  brings me great delight to serve my community by offering support in forms of education to organizations and spaces that encourage the understanding and appreciation of our God given attributes.” says Paula


You can find Paula on Instagram, at Curly Hair Designs, or through Curls Understood the Academy.


Rhea Jemmott

Curl Specialist

I have always had a love for hair. I started out working as a receptionist for a high end salon and day spa in Kanata. At the time I was also finishing my degree in Psychology while working with special needs. It felt like a calling, a purpose I had to fulfill, but I was becoming burnt out and knew I needed a change. 


At that time, working with hair felt like a hobby. Professions in trades didn't get the credit they deserved, but my path was becoming clear. In 2017, I decided to attend Versailles Academy's Hair Program. Toward the end of that year, I realized that there was minimal education about the type and texture of hair that was similar to mine. A fellow colleague pointed out that Curly Hair Designs was hosting a "Look & Learn," and I could find the information I was looking for. 


It was during that one day workshop with Paula that I absorbed as much information as I could about curls. Since then, she has become my mentor. There was no doubt that I wanted to gain experience from someone passionate and knowledgeable about their craft, as well as surround myself with diversity and positive energy. 


I know now that my purpose is tied to how I make someone feel at the end of the day, regardless of the job. But I am thankful that through Hairstyling, I can fulfill my desire to make a difference in someone’s life and build a meaningful connection.


I look forward to growing as a stylist with Curly Hair Designs, and to providing care to all the different hair types and textures that find their way to my chair.


Candice Morgan

Colour & Curl Specialist

Candice entered the hair World professionally in 2018 when attending West End Academy. She has since thrown herself into Salon environments to perfect her craft and grow skills within colour as a Blonde specialist. The past few years, her focus has been on helping people discover their natural curls in all their beauty.
She enjoys applying new skills to each client in a unique way as each individual requires a different, well thought out approach.

Candice decided to join Curly Hair Designs because she wanted to grow in a space with like minds to engage more with a specific philosophy around hair care. It is important to her that clients leave with the understanding of how they can help their hair thrive along this journey that for many is brand new.

"You don't know until you know", is a common quote she uses to ensure people do not feel so discouraged when at the beginning stages of learning about their hair.

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