Paula Whitelocke

Owner - Educator - Stylist

Paula took interest in hair from a very young age and turned her passion into a business at 13 years old.  At 15 years old, she started working at a hair salon where she thrived and solidified the ideal of becoming a hairstylist. Her dream would soon be realized, when she opened Hair Designs by Paula in 2010 where she committed to working with all hair types. In 2014 Paula began the rebrand to Curly Hair Designs, because she discovered that many didn’t have a place to go that celebrated their textures. She wanted everyone to feel comfortable when sitting in a stylists’ chair for the first time. Paula’s clientele today is a diverse one with endless varieties of curls, waves, kinks and coils. 

This year marks 16 years of hair passion within the industry and 10 years in business for Paula. She continues to acquire knowledge and remain at the forefront of the industry by taking classes and attending hair shows in Canada, the United States and the Caribbean. She can be found teaching countless techniques herself. She also grasped an opportunity to have a Curly Hair Designs  leave-in conditionerwhich is a plant-based moisturizing milk free of harmful ingredients in 2017.

Paula has had the pleasure of learning from and creating alongside a plethora of talented artist teams from Joico for their annual trend presentations to Team MC for New York Fashion Week. Paula has been published in Efe magazine, Amah magazine, Press The Fashion magazine and was crowned as Canada’s Best Natural Hair Stylist in 2015.  

Paula has both been involved with and inspired by many organizations and spaces like Safara,  The Cultural Arts Studioand Project Beautifulwhich are various platforms that encourage various ways to express and explore self-love and community elevation. The conversation around our hair and its needs tie into general self-care and it is important for Paula to encourage a friendly relationship between the two. 

By creating her series of workshops entitled Curls Understood, Paula continues to share the beauty that curly hair types truly hold when you execute the knowledge gained to set them free! She is on a mission to teach stylists and their clients how to confidently work with their hair.

Rhea Jemmott


I have always had a love for hair. I started out working as a receptionist for a high end salon and day spa in Kanata while I finished my degree in Psychology and proceeded to work with special needs which felt like a calling. A purpose I had to fulfill. At the time, hair felt like a hobby. Professions in trades didn't get the credit they deserved. I began to realize it was about how I made someone feel at the end of the day regardless of the job that I was doing. Making a difference and building a connection also applied to hairdressing. I love connecting with each person in my chair and helping someone maximize their beauty. 

After burning out in my first career it was time for a change. Time to give back to myself and do what I've always loved and came naturally. My path was unclear but I knew what direction I was headed.

I attended Versailles Academy's Hair Program which came highly recommended and didn't disappoint. However, toward the end of that very full year, I realized that little material was being covered on the type and texture of hair on my very own head. A fellow colleague pointed out that Curly Hair Designs was hosting a "Look and Learn" where I could find the information I was looking for. Sure enough, Paula filled that 1 day workshop with as much information that I could absorb about Curls. Over the next few weeks I then filled Paula's inbox with question after question and Paula promptly and pleasantly answered each and every one of them. There was no doubt that I wanted to gain my experience from someone passionate and knowledgeable about their craft as well as surround myself with diversity and positive energy. Curly Hair Designs checked off all of those boxes. It seems like I came along right when they were ready to add a new member to their team. I am looking forward to growing as a stylist and to providing love and care to all the different hair types and textures that find their way to my chair.

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